Reveal your best self
Reveal your best self
Jump start your weight loss journey with a safe and proven non-surgical procedure
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Lose up to 20 % of your total body weight
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Weight Loss Clinic in New Jersey

You’ve tried exercising and dieting but have seen little success. Medications are costly and surgery has a high risk of complications. There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. But you’re here because you’re ready to finally…

  • Make a real difference in your weight loss
  • Understand if our weight loss procedure is right for you
  • Reveal your best self

Reveal Weight loss is the first dedicated ENDOBARIATRIC center in New Jersey. We are the leading Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty experts in the area, offering safe and effective, non-surgical, outpatient weight loss procedures that deliver sustainable results. Our board certified team brings over 14 years of experience and have performed over 10,000 complex advanced endoscopic procedures.

Our non-surgical, incisionless, minimally invasive procedures use the latest cutting-edge technology. Our patients lose on average 15-20% of their total weight. If you are frustrated by your lack of desired weight loss results, and wondering whether this option is right for you, let us show you how we can help. Contact our consultant experts to assist you with your weight loss journey.

We understand that losing weight is not just about how you look. It is about how you feel. But more importantly, it is about how you live.

Obesity affects approximately 140 million adults in America and about 42% of the population, leading to serious health conditions that impact quality of life. People who are overweight or obese are at increased risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But there’s hope because obesity can be managed with the right treatment.

Your weight impacts
your life

Body transformation after weight loss

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A non-invasive adjustable balloon placed in the stomach for weight loss.
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ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

A temporary balloon device is placed in the stomach to create a sense of fullness for longer periods of time.
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Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

A non-surgical procedure that reshapes and significantly reduces the size of the stomach.
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Endobariatric revisions

Endobariatric Revisions

Designed for patients who have regained weight after surgical bariatric procedures.
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Obesity is a complex metabolic disease of excessive fat accumulation associated with an increased risk to health. It contributes to a host of maladies including heart disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and sleep apnea.

Unlike traditional surgery, endoscopic procedures do not require any incisions because they are done using a thin hollow tube-like surgical tool inserted through the patient’s throat. This flexible tool comes equipped with a camera and a light, which projects a real-time video onto a screen located near the physician. The lack of incisions allows the e blood supply to remain completely intact.

Endoscopic weight loss therapies are designed for patients looking to achieve sustainable weight loss results and improve or cure their obesity-related medical problems. While diet and exercise alone can help, studies show it is hard to achieve sustained weight loss with these methods alone. Endoscopic weight loss therapies are an ideal complement to diet and lifestyle changes to achieve durable weight loss results as they provide some of the benefits of weight loss surgery while offering a lower risk profile.

The Endoscopic Weight Loss Program specializes in treating adults who are overweight or with obesity, and adolescents who do not qualify for weight loss surgery or do not want surgery. We offer four non-surgical evidence-based weight loss options.

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Meet our weight loss experts

Avik Sarkar, MD, a weight loss doctor in New Jersey
Avik Sarkar, MD

Double board-certified gastroenterologist with advanced endoscopy fellowship trained with a special interest in endoscopic management of obesity. He has extensive experience in advanced endoscopic and bariatric procedures and has performed over 800 procedures using the endoscopic suturing device. Dr. Sarkar has had multiple presentations at major gastroenterology conferences and has published several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

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Education and Training:
  • Medical School: Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
  • Residency: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • GI Fellowship: Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Haroon Shahid, MD, a bariatrician in New Jersey
Haroon Shahid, MD

Double board-certified gastroenterologist with advanced fellowship training in interventional endoscopy and endoscopic bariatric procedures. He has performed over 600 procedures using the endoscopic suturing device. He has presented at national gastroenterology conferences and has published multiple peer-reviewed articles.

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Education and Training:
  • Medical School: Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
  • Residency: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • GI Fellowship: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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ESG Results
An ESG patient lost 40 lbs in 6 months
-40 lbs

Lose weight. Gain confidence.

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ESG Results
An ESG patient lost 60 lbs in 3 months
-60 lbs


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Kim G.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Sarkar enough for giving me back my life. My energy level is up, my clothes are fitting so much better and some are even big! I don’t dread going out in public and I finally want to go out and do things again. It’s not easy to make a decision like this, it can be scary and filled with uncertainty, but Dr. Sarkar is a superhero in my mind and the only thing I wish is that I would’ve done it sooner.

star star star star star
Erika W.

Many thanks to the Reveal Weight Loss medical staff for their professionalism and care. They gave me all the information in an understanding way, their office is clean and they pay attention to all the details. I felt very comfortable with them and would recommend them!

star star star star star
Lois T.

Dr. Sarkar is excellent in what he does. He has forever changed my life. Give him the chance to tell you how he can change yours too! I am physically active. I am HAPPY. I went from not caring to loving my life. And here’s the thing – I did it without ever (not even once) feeling deprived. I learned that I MATTER. And so do you!!! Call them. Information is power! You can do this!!