15 June, 2024

Are Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures Effective?

If you are finding it difficult to manage your weight and improve your health, despite trying everything you know to do, you are not the only one facing this challenge. Reveal Weight Loss in Livingston, NJ, can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight through a non-surgical weight loss procedure.

Today, we are going to talk about a few non-surgical procedures for weight loss, explain what they involve, how they work, and give you an overview of the results you can expect.

Why Should You Consider Non-Surgical Procedures For Weight Loss?

Many people try to lose weight on their own and, after failed attempts, feel frustrated and defeated. They often give up, revert back to their old unhealthy habits, and continue to gain weight while their health continues to decline.

It’s unfortunate that society often misinterprets obesity as a lack of willpower rather than a disease. This long-lived misunderstanding has created a stigma that has made obese individuals feel ashamed of their condition and about seeking help. The biggest issue with this is that for many, the only hope they have for losing weight is through some type of medical intervention.

Over 70% of all American adults are considered overweight or obese, and around 43% of these individuals qualify for bariatric surgery, but less than 1% of them actually go through surgery for one reason or another. It may be because they are afraid of surgery or the long recovery time. Maybe they do not have the flexibility in their lives or finances to be out of work for an extended period of time, or maybe they are the sole caregivers of children and do not have a vast support system.

The good news is that today you can get help with weight loss that does not require any incisions or a long recovery time. With these outpatient procedures taking an hour or less to perform and their super short recovery time, no one even needs to know you have had one done.

How Do Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures Work?

Instead of making cuts in the abdomen to reach the stomach using surgery, these non-surgical procedures for weight loss use a technique called endoscopy. This lets the doctor perform the procedure from inside the body, and the stomach is accessed through the throat and esophagus using an endoscope, which is a thin, hollow medical device that looks like a hollow tube with a light source and a tiny video camera attached. The doctor navigates the procedure by watching the live streaming video from the camera on a nearby screen. When performed by a seasoned expert, endoscopic procedures carry significantly fewer risks and have shorter recovery times than surgery.

The Best Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

There are a few different types of non-surgical weight loss procedures to choose from that are safe and effective: intragastric balloons and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). Both work by limiting the capacity of the stomach, which only allows the individual to eat very small amounts of food at one time. Additionally, the reduced stomach will take longer to digest their food, so they will stay satisfied for a longer time.

Weight Loss Balloons

The Orbera and Spatz3 intragastric balloons are temporary medical devices that only remain in the patient’s stomach for between six and eight months. These balloons are inserted into the stomach via an endoscope while deflated and then filled with liquid saline solution to about five inches in diameter once in place. The balloon takes up a significant amount of space in the stomach, limiting the amount of food the patient can consume and providing them with a feeling of perpetual fullness, which helps them lose weight.

Orbera gastric balloon

While the balloon inhabits their stomach, patients follow a doctor-supervised program that teaches them healthy lifestyles and weight loss strategies. This program lasts for a full year and continues even after the balloon is removed. By making permanent changes in their behavior, such as eating a nutritious, low-calorie diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, managing their stress, and using the other strategies they learned during their program, patients can reach a healthy weight and maintain it. Most patients lose about 22 pounds in six months while the balloon remains in their stomach, but we have witnessed patients who have lost significantly more than this estimated average. Patients who are committed to making changes to their behavior and lifestyle and continue to follow their program can reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Because placing a balloon does not involve surgery, the recovery time is very short, and most patients are back to their normal routines in about a week.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty reduces and reshapes the patient’s stomach using strategically placed stitches. Instead of using abdominal incisions to access the stomach, the stitches are placed internally with an FDA-approved suturing tool that is lowered down through the patient’s throat using an endoscope. The doctor manipulates the stomach into a tube-like shape and a smaller size and then uses the sutures to hold it in place. Once the procedure is done, the endoscope is removed, and the patient can go home after a short observation period.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

ESG reduces the individual’s stomach by about 75% of its original capacity, so they are only able to eat very small portions. With this smaller stomach, they will feel full longer and won’t get as hungry between meals, making it easier for them to lose weight. Unlike surgical alterations, no part of the stomach is removed, and there are no incisions, allowing for a very short recovery time. The average weight loss achieved by patients after ESG is about 20% of their total body weight. The actual amount of weight an individual can lose after ESG is directly related to their dedication to making significant lifestyle changes that will promote ongoing weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Most patients are not given any activity restrictions after ESG, and they can resume their normal routine as soon as they feel up to it. Many patients have their procedure done on a Friday morning and go to work the following Monday.

Weight Loss Injections

Sometimes prescription injections are used to maximize weight loss with a non-surgical procedure and make the patient’s efforts count for more. Most of these medications have been used for several years to help patients with type 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar in proper balance.

They work by mimicking natural hormones that are released by the body during the digestion process and maximizing the efficiency of the metabolism. Many patients report that one of the biggest benefits of these medications is that they also stop hunger cravings and suppress their appetite.

Advantages Of Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Endoscopic weight loss procedures offer patients many benefits over undergoing surgery. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are much less invasive;
  • The risks and potential for complications are significantly lower;
  • They offer super-fast recovery times compared to surgery;
  • They can be reversed if not well tolerated;
  • Individuals receive comprehensive support;
  • Weight-related health conditions like hypertension, diabetes type 3, mobility, etc. will improve as a result of weight loss.

Who Performs Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures?

Losing those extra pounds can be extremely tough when you’re doing it alone. Trust the dedicated professionals at Reveal Weight Loss to help guide and support you in achieving sustainable weight loss. They will create a personalized plan tailored to your needs, provide the resources, and teach you the strategies you need to succeed in reaching your goals.

During your initial consultation, they’ll discuss the best non-surgical weight loss options to help you overcome your challenges. Schedule your appointment with Reveal Weight Loss today and learn more about the weight loss programs we offer in Livingston, NJ.

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