Concierge Nutrition

What Is the Concierge Nutrition?

Success is all about commitment to a lifestyle. At Reveal Weight Loss, we offer personalized one-on-one nutritional coaching for all our patients. We are committed to long-term success. Our patients are empowered to understand their relationship with food and develop a personalized plan that can maintain results for a lifetime. Our team of nutritionists develops individualized comprehensive pre and post procedure plans.

Concierge nutrition is nothing like a traditional nutrition plan where a patient gets only a fraction of the dietician’s attention and care in a restricted time frame. With our concierge nutrition, you can be assured that you will get full support anywhere and anytime. Whether you are struggling with sticking to your diet, feeling bad, having some symptoms, or just having a low moment on weekends, our team is there for you to make the challenging journey of weight management as smooth as possible.

Nutrition Facts

What to Expect?

Upon patient commitment to one of our packages, patients are provided concierge nutrition services including:

  • Introduction and expectation setting;
  • Resources to prepare for procedure day;
  • Comprehensive list of “helpful items” to manage post-procedure symptoms, concerns;
  • Detailed patient intake and assessment to identify specific dietary needs for developing and executing nutrition therapy and lifestyle modifications;
  • Close follow up for one year, including unlimited texts and calls after hours and on weekends for questions and concerns;
  • Recommendation of targeted supplement regimen to support and enhance diet;
  • Behavior modification therapies to address and realign patterns and habits around nutrition to ensure long-term attainable and sustainable weight loss and overall wellness;
  • Optional counseling with support persons, family members, and loved ones to manage expectations and provide reassurance and clarity.

Individual Support And Care For Each Dieter

Reveal Weight Loss has been in the field of obesity medicine for years and knows the crucial role of a personalized nutrition plan in successful weight loss outcomes. Every human is unique and requires special care. With the concierge nutrition program, our patients get a highly customized diet plan that works exactly for their specific needs and preferences.

If you would like to access a concierge nutrition review from real people who made it to their dream weight, we are always glad to share the personal stories of our patients. We encourage our patients to share their incredible achievements to others who are just starting with their nutrition plans. It helps establish social, peer-to-peer support and enhances weight loss results.

Learn And Stay Healthy With Reveal

Another important feature of our program is that you will get educated on nutritional weight and wellness. You will learn how you can nourish your body in a way that will not only manage your weight but also naturally boost your metabolism, lead to a stable positive mood and fill your body and mind with a vibrant energy. Our nutritional counseling will teach you how to shine from the inside out by enjoying delicious, nutritional foods.

You will get a personal consultation from a nutritional therapist who has expertise on how different foods as well as deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can impact well-being. By using the most advanced methods and techniques in nutritional therapy, the specialist will try to find the nutritional factors that are contributing to health and weight issues you are struggling with and address them via dietary changes and vitamin or mineral supplements. The medical professionals Reveal Weight Loss will conduct a quality nutritional assessment to determine if you have any nutrition-related health issues. This will help make better-informed decisions when creating a nutrition program for your personalized needs.

To learn more about our concierge nutrition program and see how it can help you reveal your best self, please fill in the form below or call us at (973) 629-7534.

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