3 April, 2024

The Orbera Balloon Price Explained

Our health is the most valuable asset we have, and it is worth every penny we spend on it. Without it, we won’t be able to enjoy our lives and fulfill our potential.

In the time of the obesity epidemic, access to high-quality but affordable weight loss services is crucial. At Reveal Weight Loss, Livingston, New Jersey, we are currently offering the Orbera balloon at a special price of $6,500 (regularly $7,500).

The Orbera balloon is a procedure that will accelerate your weight loss, prevent and solve many obesity-related health issues, and help you take control of your life.

In this article, we will talk about the cost of the Orbera balloon, what it includes, and what value you will get from the procedure.

How Much Does The Orbera Balloon Cost?

The price for the Orbera balloon procedure at Reveal Weight Loss is $6,500. This price covers the procedure itself and other essential healthcare services, such as:

  • Consultation fee;
  • Fees for the facility;
  • Anesthesia cost;
  • An entire year of follow-up support with the physician;
  • 12-month guidance and assistance from our nutrition team;
  • IV hydration after the procedure;
  • a gift bag that will positively surprise you and will be very useful for your weight loss and health.

When you purchase the Orbera balloon procedure, you will get a package of services for a year long to help you adopt healthy habits, improve your well-being, shape up your body, and become the best version of yourself. Combating obesity is not a simple task that can be solved in a few days. It takes continued commitment, discipline, and trust in yourself and the medical professionals. That is why we do our best to develop long-lasting relationships with our patients, work with them for the long term, and make sure that their problems get solved.

How Much Is an Orbera Consultation?

The first-time consultation will cost $75 for all our new patients. For patients who are ready to go further with us, commit to solving their problems, and trust our expertise, the cost of the initial consultation will be deducted from the total procedure price of $6,500.

Is Financing Available?

We are transparent with our pricing so that you have no doubt or hesitation about whether you can afford it or not because, since the first consultation, we will design an individual financial plan for you. Currently, we work with CareCredit, United Credit, and Cherry Financing plans to help our patients pay for weight loss procedures.

What Is Not Included in the Cost?

We inform our patients clearly about what is included and what is not included in the price. While there are many things covered by the total price, lab tests, and medications before the procedure are not included in it. This is because every person is unique and the cost of pre-procedure testing and medications might vary greatly from person to person.

Reveal Weight Loss offers the Orbera Balloon procedure at the most affordable cost in Livingston, New Jersey. Dr. Sarkar and Dr. Shahid are double-board-certified gastroenterologists with advanced skills in the endoscopic management of obesity. Our doctors have conducted more than 800 endoscopic procedures and gained the trust of hundreds of patients from all over the country. They greatly contribute to the research and development in the field of obesity medicine, bringing the best and most innovative approaches to weight loss into their practice. Choose Reveal Weight Loss to get high-quality healthcare service for the best price.

About the Orbera Balloon

The Orbera balloon is a simple, safe, and highly effective non-surgical weight loss procedure. It does not require any incisions or cuts. The procedure is done by inserting an endoscope (a long thin tube with a tiny camera attached to it) through the mouth to reach the stomach and place the deflated balloon inside. Then, using the same method, the balloon will be inflated with the saline solution.

The inflated balloon will take up space in your stomach for up to six months and help you feel full quickly and stay satiated for longer. Thus, you will eat less and start losing weight rapidly. The Reveal Weight Loss program also includes weekly nutritional counseling for the entire year to help you build a healthy diet and an exercise routine that will enhance the results.

The Orbera Balloon procedure is reversible, meaning there will be no permanent changes done to your stomach. The balloon will be removed after 6 months following the procedure. With this intragastric balloon, you can expect to lose about 10-15% of your body weight.