17 May, 2023

Why Do People Gain Weight After Weight Loss?

Weight gain after weight loss surgery is a problem faced by many people several years after the operation. It was estimated that 1 out of 5 patients got back more than 15% of their weight 5 years after the surgery. A comprehensive meta-analysis revealed that the longer the time, the more weight gain patients experienced after gastric sleeve.

What Percent Of Gastric Bypass Patients Gain The Weight Back?

Although, in the short term, the gastric bypass resulted in significant excess weight loss and improvements in obesity-related diseases, the research shows that about 50% of gastric bypass patients gain weight back after two years.

Studies stated that few people are informed about the possibility of gaining lost weight back after the surgery. This leads to an even higher risk of weight gain after weight loss since people are not aware of the risks and do not behave accordingly. Since identifying an issue is the first step to solving it, let us first look at the core reasons behind weight gain.

What Causes Weight Gain After Gastric Sleeve And Gastric Bypass

Some of the reasons why people gain weight after weight loss surgery are issues related to:

  • Lifestyle
  • Mental health
  • Hormonal or Metabolic Imbalance
  • Physiological changes after surgery

Bariatric surgery alone will not be sufficient to change the system that leads to obesity. It is of high importance to stick to the postoperative diet and make an effort to adopt healthy eating habits over time. However, oftentimes, patients continue the habit of overeating, consuming large amounts of sweet and fatty food that directly impacts weight gain after gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Generally after any bariatric surgery, it is recommended to adhere to a diet that contains more protein, fruits, vegetables, and limited amounts of fat and sugar.

Although the big role of physical activity in post-operative weight loss has been confirmed, still only a small percentage of patients exercised enough to promote general well-being and continued weight loss. At least 30 minutes of physical activity a day is recommended.

Why Am I Putting On Weight After a Gastric Sleeve?

At times, eating and psychiatric disorders contribute to weight gain after gastric bypass. Some patients who gain weight back suffer from grazing – an eating disorder that involves uncontrollable and unplanned eating of small amounts of food.

Similarly, studies showed that many patients who had binge eating disorders lost less weight after the surgery and gained back more after. Untreated psychological and psychiatric conditions can cause inadequate weight loss and higher risks of weight gain after gastric sleeve.

Another cause of weight gain after gastric sleeve might be the increased volume of the remnant stomach which can happen as a result of overeating and consuming large portions of food.

Why Am I Gaining Weight 2 Years After Gastric Bypass?

Hormonal or metabolic imbalance can be one of the reasons why bariatric surgery patients get their lost pounds back. For example, after doing the gastric bypass, patients had a much-suppressed level of the hunger hormone ghrelin and an increased level of Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP1) which slows down the stomach emptying. These gut hormonal changes can be responsible for the reduction of weight. However, according to studies, not all patients with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) had such kind of hormonal changes which can partially explain weight gain.

Another potential cause of weight gain after gastric bypass roux-en-y can be the dilatation of the pouch. If the pouch is longer than 6 cm and wider than 5 cm, it is considered a pouch dilatation which might lead to weight gain.

So, as we have seen there might be different causes for getting back weight after bariatric surgery. Now let’s talk about the solutions to weight gain.

How Do I Stop Gaining Weight After Gastric Sleeve And Gastric Bypass?

Of course, the first and essential thing for stopping weight gain is changing your diet and incorporating physical activities into your daily routine. However, as numerous studies showed, lifestyle modifications alone will not help much in restarting weight loss.

Non-surgical endoscopic revision is not only effective but also a much safer option than surgical procedures. Reveal Weight Loss offers two innovative revision approaches such as Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe) and Sleeve-in-Sleeve procedure (SIS).

How To Get Back On Track 5 Years After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

TORe procedure is a non-surgical endoscopic revision of gastric bypass. Over time after bypass surgery, the gastric outlet (the opening between the pouch and the small intestine) can become large. The larger the opening, the faster the food goes into the small intestine and the faster you feel hungry. Thus, you eat more and gain more weight. If you want to restart your weight loss or stop weight gain after gastric bypass roux-en-y, the TORe procedure offered by Reveal Weight Loss is a great choice.

Gastric bypass revision - TORe procedure

How Do I Restart My Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve?

For those who regained weight after gastric sleeve, medical professionals at Reveal Weight Loss offer a Sleeve-in-Sleeve procedure (SIS). The SIS procedure is used when the sleeve after LSG gets large and is no longer optimal for weight loss. A doctor restores the stretched sleeve with an endoscopic suturing or plication tool. On average, after 3 months following the SIS procedure, patients can restart their weight loss, and lose about 8% to 10% of total and around 20% of excess weight.

Gastric sleeve revision - SIS procedure

Reveal Weight Loss Offers Effective Solutions To Weight Gain

In the long term, many patients with bariatric surgery can get their lost pounds back due to various reasons such as lifestyle, psychological, hormonal, and technical problems. In such cases, when proper nutrition and exercise do not bring desired results, endoscopic bariatric revision procedures can help reignite weight loss and give patients a second chance. The SIS and TORe procedures are a minimally invasive, yet highly effective solution to weight gain after gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

Since these innovative approaches involve advanced techniques and a state of the art medical tools, it is of utmost importance to ensure that they are performed by well-experienced doctors specializing in obesity medicine such as the team of medical professionals at Reveal Weight Loss.