How To Lose Weight After 50
13 August, 2023

How To Lose Weight After 50

While shedding extra pounds is a difficult task for anyone struggling with being overweight or obese, weight loss after 50 sounds especially hard. In this article, we will discuss some of the common reasons why it can be challenging to lose weight after 50 on your own. We will also review some healthy tips that can help in controlling your weight status. Finally, for those who need great weight loss results as soon as possible, we will cover the most innovative strategies that modern obesity medicine offers.

Factors That Might Inhibit Weight Loss After 50

Over the years, due to the many responsibilities that adults have and the significant dose of daily stress they face, they may have developed poor eating habits, inactive lifestyles, and health conditions. Life becomes busy due to work and family and child responsibilities, amongst other things. At this period of their lives, personal well-being can take a backseat, just at the time when self-care is the most important.

Age is something we cannot control. As we age, our bodies start changing and require more care. As years go by, your basal metabolic rate decreases. This means you will burn fewer calories when your body is at rest, in other words, your body needs less energy to perform such processes as breathing, blood circulation, and other bodily functions that keep you alive.

Weight Loss For Men vs Women After 50

Losing weight for women in their 50s is even harder because they are faced with not only decreasing metabolism but also menopause and hormonal changes related to it. Women after 50 face menopause and start having less estrogen which is essential for the development of muscles.

Men also start seeing a decline in testosterone levels which influences the distribution of fat in the body and slows down their metabolism. Thus, due to hormonal changes senior men can have a hard time getting rid of extra pounds.

Stress and Weight Gain in Seniors

Apart from natural tendencies that come with age, there are many other factors that serve as a roadblock for weight loss in people over 50. Many seniors experience stress and depression because of their work, family, and children. While for some others the cause of depression and anxiety is the crippling feeling of loneliness. All of this can lead to emotional eating and indulging in comfort foods that contribute to weight gain and related health issues.

With stress and aging, medical conditions can cause or exacerbate health issues. Medical conditions developed during the lifetime make it harder to follow the traditional path of losing weight such as exercising or following a diet.

Other Factors Contributing to Excessive Weight

Unfortunately, nowadays many people are resigned to a sedentary lifestyle with minimum physical activity. Just several years ago, the COVID pandemic and lockdown made us even more inactive, confining us to our homes.

How To Jumpstart Weight Loss After 50

There are different ways to kick-start weight loss after 50. You can try changing your lifestyle using some of the tips we describe below. You also can take advantage of innovative, highly effective weight loss programs offered by the Reveal team that ensures you achieve your desired weight and health improvements in just several months.

How to jumpstart weight loss after 50

1. Build Muscle Through Physical Activity And Protein Intake

We tend to lose muscle as we age. If you are in your 50s, you probably have lost about 10% of your muscle mass. Your metabolic rate can slow down as your muscle mass decreases. Muscles burn more calories even at rest, therefore, it is important to gain muscle mass. Resistance and strength training can help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and get in shape again. Another way to grow muscle mass is to eat food rich in protein such as eggs, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and many others.

2. Drink Water

Another simple solution you can easily implement is just to consume enough water. Your body spends energy on adjusting the temperature of consumed water to your body temperature which can boost your metabolism. Fluids are also vital for the process of converting protein and carbs into energy.

3. Regulate Your Diet

If you have been eating anything and everything for the last few years, then it is time to start paying attention to what you eat. Add more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into your diet. If you have a tendency to overeat, try eating in smaller portions and eliminate any distractions when you are having a meal. That means no more eating while watching television or doing something else. Focus on your food and pay attention to how your body feels.

4. Get Enough Sleep

If you have been neglecting a good night’s sleep, then it is time to improve your sleep regime. Having good quality sleep contributes to weight loss. A study observed 245 female participants. Women who had a sleep of at least 7 hours or more were 33% more likely to successfully shed unwanted weight than those who had a shorter sleep. So, try to sleep well if you want to accelerate your weight loss.

5. Turn To Weight Loss Specialists At Reveal

Above are some lifestyle changes that can help you get on the right track to living a healthy life and getting back to a normal weight range. But unfortunately, lifestyle modifications alone are often not enough to get the results you want. Turning to medical weight loss specialists at Reveal is a vital step to achieving real weight loss results in a healthy way without risky bariatric surgery. Thanks to years of experience, Reveal Weight Loss has helped hundreds of people aged 50 or more take control of their lives and live to the fullest with their desired body weight. Let us look at the best ways to lose weight for women and men in their 50s.

How To Lose 30 Pounds After 50

An intragastric balloon is a great weight loss option for women and men in their 50s. It is a highly effective and safe non-surgical weight loss procedure. A deflated balloon will be placed into your stomach via your mouth with the help of an endoscope – a tiny thin tube with a small camera attached to it. Then once placed in your stomach, the balloon will be inflated with a saline solution.

The intragastric balloon is a temporary, reversible solution that will only be in your stomach for up to 6 months. During these 6 months, the inflated balloon will take up space in your stomach and help you feel full faster, prompting you to eat less. Combined with proper diet and physical activity, an intragastric balloon will provide you with a clear path toward healthy weight loss.

You will quickly achieve your goal weight and start living your best life after 50. With the Orbera balloon, you can expect to get rid of about 10-15% of your total body weight within several months. So, if your current weight is 200, you can lose about 30 pounds. Note, these are just average results, you can always lose more or slightly less depending on how well you adhere to the guidelines provided by the Reveal Weight Loss specialists.

How To Lose 40 Pounds After 50

If you want to achieve better results, especially in the long term, then endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty may be a better choice for you. Similar to the balloon, the ESG procedure is performed endoscopically. Your stomach will be reduced in volume by about 70% using sutures to fold the stomach like an accordion with the help of an endoscope and a special suturing device.

With a smaller volume of stomach, you will be satisfied with much less amount of food and stay full for longer which will kickstart your weight loss after 50. Also, there will be no cuts and no prolonged recovery. You won’t stay in the hospital and will be able to go home after a couple of hours following the procedure. You will get back to work or other responsibilities in a matter of several days.

Sticking to the regulated diet and exercise plan assigned to you by medical weight loss specialists, you can anticipate 15-20% total body weight loss within a year after the ESG procedure. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, after ESG you are able to eliminate 40 pounds or more depending on your level of motivation.

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